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The world of adult webcams greets you with open arms,  learn how to become a webcam model right now.  If you want to achieve financial independence like many others, you can learn all about becoming a webcam model on this page and start earning more than your typical CEO, the earning potential of webcam models is limitless.

How To Become A Webcam Model

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Become your own boss, choose your own hours, make thousands of dollars all from the comfort of your own home, if this sounds like something you want to do please read on. Becoming a webcam model has never been so easy, not only do you get to make thousand of dollars each year but you get to do it by what most of us consider to be the best thing in life SEX !

Here are some useful tips on how to start out and become a paid webcam model:

Must Have Starting Equipment To Become A Webcam Model

Webcam Equipment

Computer – To become a webcam model, you will need a machine. Depending on the webcam network there may different hardware specifications. Always make sure that you understand the requirements before you choose a webcam network. If you prefer to work on a MAC you can set up a Windows emulator as a lot of webcam software is supported only on Windows.

High-speed Internet – A hard wired internet connection is best, this type of connection provides you with much faster and clearer picture. Wifi is not recommended even though it does work it wouldn’t be as fast as a direct connection and your quality may suffer. If your connection is too slow, the network may not allow your shows. High-speed internet is crucial if you want to get your chat room full and earn the big money.

Webcam – Having an HD webcam is a must. Networks usually require HD cams but there are some that allow registration with a laptop webcam and that is OK for starters if you do not have any other option. Be sure to upgrade as soon as possible. You could even offer to do some shows for free to see if someone buys one as a tip.

Camming Location – This is one of the most important things. Find a secure and private location because you don’t need an extra pair of eyes watching you performing. It’s n embarrassing and unnecessary distraction from the show, there is always privacy concerns. The lighting must be good and you need to make sure that you have enough room for your performance. You need a clean room where nothing can interrupt you, especially children.

Suggested Additional Equipment

Webcam Sex Toys

Lingerie / Outfits – If you want your shows to be good, you will need a wide selection of various outfits that will make your shows more interesting, the more you have, the better it will be for your viewers and the more you have on the more you can take off attracting tips. Whatever you’re wearing make sure it is super hot and sexy, cosplay for example does amazingly well.

Toys – The more toys you have, the better show you’ll put on, More shows, more money, simple as that. Toys provide you with variations in your shows, making the whole thing more interesting. Put them somewhere where everybody can see them, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to use them or not. Toys let your viewers know you are willing and that you provide high-quality sex shows.

Props For Shows – Think about what you want your show to be about before broadcasting,  plan what items you will need and keep them close to hand ready to whip them out when that whale comes into the room asking for a specific fantasy.

Lighting – In order for your webcam career to be a successful one you will need good lighting. No matter how good your show is without decent lighting the show is absolutely useless. If your room doesn’t allow good lighting get some lamps and make it happen.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – This is one of the most important things that you need for a successful sex show. With these by your side you are not stuck in front of the computer screen every time you need to type or click something, keep extra batteries close-by just in case.

Security And Identity Protection

Webcam Security

Adult Performer Name – When registering you need to choose a performing alias, something that you will be known by and ideally brandable. Never use your real name and Avoid screen-names like BustyblondeXXX or similar, instead try to come up with an actual name and make it sound sexy but clever at the same time.

Privacy Protection / Blocking Areas – Most networks allow you to block viewers from certain regions from viewing your webcam show, this helps if you have family in a certain GEO you want to exclude.. Some of these block specific states and others block countries as a whole.

WHOIS Protection – WHOIS protection is something that you will need if you build your own webcam site to run alongside your webcam network career. The WHOIS holds all information about the owner and the operator of the website so it;s best to select Private Registration as you never know who may try to stalk you.

Social Media Privacy – The ability to block regions is not applicable on social media accounts, just rememebr your friends and amily may stumble upon them one day so be prepared.

Removing Stolen / Pirated Content – If  you block a certain region from viewing your camera it doesn’t stop your content from scraping software. Learn more about fighting this internet menace and protect your content from ending up on tube and torrent sites accessible to other users using a DMCA protection process.

Understanding The Webcam Network

Webcam Payments

Model Pay / Payment Information – Most networks take a fixed percentage from a webcam models earnings. Payment methods vary from network to network, it is always advisable to read the terms before signing up to make money as a webcam performer.

Site Traffic – Webcam networks generate huge amounts traffic through advertising, and it’s this traffic that puts money in your pocket. The more eyes you get into your chat-room the more money you’ll make, but don’t just reply on the network to bring traffic to your chat-room it’s advisable to start your own social media accounts and if possible a personal website.

Site Features – Expect different features from various sites. Some have tons of free tools to help you set up a show, some allow public chats and tips, they are all different.  Compare them all, learn about their features and then make an educated decision.

How Competitive The Site Is – Competition is a healthy thing on each site, the more models performing, the more traffic overall and that’s a good thing as they may just stumble across your chat room while searching.

Hardware / Software Requirements – This is pretty simple, your machine must meet the requirements in order to run smoothly on a particular network. Just make sure that you check the compatibility and you are good to go.

Marketing Tools – It is important for you to check out the tools to market your performances. The tools are mainly fanclubs, messaging features or media integration. With these tools, you are allowing your viewer to follow you and know when you are online etc.

How To Promote Yourself And Build An Audience

Webcam Social Media Accounts

Build A Social Media Following – Just as your network is important to you, social media is equally as important. It helps you to spread your content over your fans and followers. Some networks are adult-friendly so are not. They will expand your reach which will allow you to get more followers. more followers can provide you with more viewers giving you, even more, traffic.

Build A Website – You need to build your own website when you become a webcam model as a base from where you operate. Find all about search engine optimization in order for people to find stuff on your website with ease. That way when someone who is interested in you types your data in the Google search bar, your website will pop up. This will make easier for them to follow you from different networks with your services. If you include a description of your shows in your content, you might get even more traffic from the users who are looking for a particular thing.