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Porn and the internet go hand in hand, watching porn online is still one of the biggest activities on the world wide web, always has been and in all likelihood it always will be. What does change over the years however is what sort of online porn we watch and how it's delivered. In the early years of internet porn, pictures were the most widely shared medium, followed by the first porn videos being released as short clips less than a minute long. Fast forward a number of years and full blown porn videos are found on all the major tube sites and you can pretty much find any genre from teen webcams to mature webcams using a simple Google search.

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Watching internet porn was about to change forever

As with all things in this world after a while with a constant unlimited supply of internet porn people became bored of watching thew same old scenes and videos with nothing more than the girls faces changing, a blowjob followed by full sex followed by a facial cumshot, rinse and repeat on pretty much all internet porn. What did change however is the technology available to not just professional porn studios but to the average home user. The invention of webcams that were affordable to most people and ended up coming pretty much standard with all new pc's and laptops started the age of live homemade porn.

You never know who you may find naked on their webcam

It all started out with a few like minded people advertising their webcams on message boards and chat rooms like Yahoo or MSN messenger, the majority of the user were guys who wanted to masturbate and jerk their dicks on camera to any females and in some cases males who wanted to watch, as well as a select few girls who loved the idea of being a cam to cam girl . Over the years people started dedicated groups and websites and the audiences grew and grew worldwide, from Asian webcams to British webcams, getting naked on your cam was one of the most exhilarating sexual experiences you could feel, in the comfort of your own home and pretty much with the safety of never being seen by your real life friends and family, successful businessman by day, total pervert by night.

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Making money or doing it for sexual gratification

Fast forward to 2018 and a whole new industry has been built around home sex cams, large companies have invested millions of dollars building their cam platforms and trying to attract every day people as well as top paid porn stars to fuck suck and put on sex shows on the best adult webcam site of 2018.