Make Money As A Webcam Performer

If you ever watched webcam models perform you might have noticed they get a lot of donations and attention. The top webcam models make some serious money daily, by performing in front of their webcams. This article will try to help you overcome some troubles and problems on your path to becoming a webcam model. Make money as a webcam performer with a certain number of steps, we’ll provide in this article you’ll be able to raise your level of understanding webcam modeling concept and become an expert. Whether you’re already an expert or a beginner, this article will most definitely help you to solve some issues or fine-tune your current webcam career.

Make Money As A Webcam Performer

Research The Company Thoroughly To Make Money As A Webcam Performer

Conduct a thorough research on the company you want to work for. There are many companies available on the market at the moment which offer different conditions. Most of them take a percentage of the earnings you get but in return they provide marketing services, promotions, training, and technical support to make money as a webcam performer. Some companies even offer studio equipment like HD cams, lightning, and other high-quality professional accessories. Bear in mind; a good HD cam can cost up to $1000, so it’s quite important to find a company which will offer some benefits in the form of technical equipment.

How Much Will They Pay You To Be A Webcam Performer

Focus on how much is the studio ready to pay. A vast majority of studios will give you around 20-25 percent of the earnings. Although it seems quite small, this is the standard. The remaining percentage of your earning goes for marketing, credit card fees and so on.

How Do They Pay Their Webcam Employees

Be sure to ask the employer when and how they pay their employees. Some pay on a daily basis; others pay per week. The most common way nowadays is one payment per two weeks. The methods are different, from PayPal payments to checks. Most of these studios will compensate you with checks.

Submit The Legal Paperwork To Become A Webcam Model

Solve and submit the legal documents as soon as possible. Legal stuff is a paramount part of becoming a webcam performer. You have to sign a legal form to be allowed to work as a model. These forms are usually provided by the actual companies you’re interested in working for. Also, these documents are usually needed in the shape of an image file.

Tips And Advice For New Webcam Performers

Ask the employer if they have some tips and advice for you. If you don’t know what it is that you should be doing, an experienced company will always provide some support for their employees.

Making Your Webcam Account

Choose a memorable username. Usernames with a lot of numbers and upper/lower case letters tend to be hard to remember. And the most important thing in this business is to be remembered. This way you can accumulate regular clients. Choose a simple username with an interesting concept and you’ll be okay.

Check out the availability of your new username on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This way, if your new username is available there as well, you can promote yourself quickly.

Create your profile:

The high quality of the pictures is crucial in this step. Be sure to upload super-high quality images to attract more clients. Studies have shown that the sheer quality of your photos directly dictates the number of regular customers you accumulate. The recommended minimum is around seven images spread across three albums.

The profile picture has to be intriguing, and it needs to grab attention. This is the picture you’re going to be recognized from, so be careful which one you’ll choose. You want members to click on your picture immediately when they lurk through the gallery of models.

Make sure you point out what are you willing to do in private sessions. Also, mention your fetishes, so the members who are searching for a model with a particular fetish manage to find you quickly. Fill out your profile fully. Add interesting descriptions and don’t be afraid to insert something provocative in your profile.

Various webcam sites offer the ability to put a banner on the top of your screen. This is a great way for self-promotion and to make money as a webcam performer. Say what you’re willing to do for the certain amount of tokens or lure the potential clients in other ways. Let your imagination to the work.

Set Up Your Webcam Performer Environment

Be sure to use a high-quality webcam to make money as a webcam performer. This is the crucial part of this business. With the advance of modern technology, webcams have improved massively over the past couple of years. Aim for HD cams (they’re almost mandatory). Most webcam sites nowadays tend to highlight the models with HD cams first on their websites which result in more potential viewers.

Take care of the lightning as well. Shadows are a no-no in this business. It’s recommended to have at least two light sources for optimal performance. On the other hand, don’t overdo the light, you don’t want too much of it.

Set up your working area. Get rid of all excess things on your desk and around you. You want your work area to be as clean as possible. Add some kinky or naughty objects to spice up the atmosphere.

Keep your toys and props at the reach of your hand. Viewers don’t appreciate you going off-cam to find a particular toy or an accessory. If you keep them within reach, you shouldn’t have any problems. Also, it’s a positive thing to keep these things in plain sight to entice potential clients. When they see a giant toy on your desk, they will surely stay and consider paying for a private show to watch you use it.

Make sure your wardrobe is as sexy as possible. The visual aspect is the key here. If you’re dressed in an exciting and intriguing wardrobe, you have much more chance to lure clients. Also, consider having some spare clothes around, in case someone likes to role-play or has a particular kind of kink.

Prepare and plan ahead. Assemble your toys and props that you’re willing to use all in one place. Don’t forget about promotions and games; you might want to organize some contests or a game to collect more donations. Be creative and you’ll manage to gather a relatively large group of clients.

Take good care of your appearance. Take a nice shower, groom your hair, and shave. You have to remember, you’re the product, so you need to appear as beautiful as you can. Makeup is quite remarkable as well. Make sure you don’t look nervous or anxious, these emotions can quickly send clients away from your lobby.

Get Ready To Broadcast Live

It’s crucial to stay calm and focused, sit back, relax, and prepare to roll. As we mentioned before, appearance is quite important, and it affects your viewer base a lot. On the other hand, to leave a good first impression, you’ll have to focus on your personality. People want to know with whom they’re dealing with. Don’t be afraid to show your personality to potential clients.

Enjoy your job. Don’t think about the money, think about having fun. If you make your job a fun experience, you’ll generate much more clients. When people recognize the excitement on your face, they appreciate it much more than money-generating webcam models.

A vast majority of individuals wants to hear you. Use your audio instead of just typing. It’s far more arousing to listen to a model moan, speak, and laugh instead of just watching a model type on her keyboard. You naturally have admin permissions in your chat room. If someone’s acting rude or impolite, simply ban them. Don’t engage in discussions and polemics. Stay polite and well-mannered. Don’t ignore people in the chat. Interact with everyone. Whether they’re premium users or free users, it shouldn’t matter to you. Free users can turn into premium users in an instant.

Memorize the usernames of regular visitors. This way you’ll leave a good impression on your regular clients. Chat with them, ask them how they are doing, and acknowledge their presence. Welcome new users as well and try to memorize as much as you can.

Play along. If someone asks you if you’re involved in a relationship, tell them you aren’t regardless of your status. This way you’ll light up the imagination of your clients and make them think they have a shot with you in real life. It’s all fun and games, though.

Beware of people begging for free shows. Sometimes individual users will ask you to show them a part of your body with the promise they’ll go in a private session with you. They never do. As you gain experience, you’ll find it easy to spot this kind of users. Avoid them.

To increase the number of private chats don’t be afraid to use your toys and props. Moan, scream and do whatever it takes to arouse your viewers in private chat. Let your clients know what you’re prepared to do that will lead to more private conversations, for sure.

Be active in front of your webcam. Stand up from time to time, start dancing and entertaining your clients. If you just sit in front of your cam motionless and static, many users will simply leave your lobby.

Promoting Yourself As A Webcam Performer

Make sure to promote yourself as much as possible to make money as a webcam performer. Every website has a section with new models on their front page. You’ll generate potential clients that way. While you’re accumulating your audience, follow the steps listed above, and you should be okay.

The important thing is to set up a schedule. Before you start doing shows, determine a plan for yourself. This way, your regular clients will know when you’re going to show up online, and you’ll have much more private chats instead of just free chats with random people.

Use social media like Twitter to promote yourself. Search for top-paid webcam models and start following their clients. In a matter of days, those customers will probably follow you back. This way you’ll generate new potential clients almost effortlessly. However, don’t over-tweet. Be sure to tweet regularly, tweet about your upcoming shows, promotions, and so on. Show your personality in your tweets as well, tweet pictures from your real life, and so on.

Add links leading to your website. Use free internet URL shortens like bitly to customize your link.

Make your own website. You’re increasing the chances massively this way to make money as a webcam performer. Make sure you get the privacy for your domain to preserve your personal information. A good site can generate a lot of Google hits thus improving your chance of success.

Make a Facebook fan page. This way you can interact with your clients via Facebook as well. Just make sure not to link your fan page to your personal Facebook account to avoid abuse.

Use the features of the webcam sites to make money as a webcam performer. Some of them let you sell pictures, videos, and have fan clubs. Turn this into an advantage and use it to promote yourself.

Become An Organised Webcam Performer

Organize the way you get paid. There are many various ways to get paid, but these three are the most common ones to make money as a webcam performer.

Tips – the clients will tip you if they’re satisfied with your performance

Demands – the customers ask of you to do something naughty in the public room

Demands in private rooms – these rooms are usually pay-per-minute rooms. You can change the rate, but it’s not recommended until you generate a decent amount of regular clients.