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Back in the early days of adult webcam broadcasting it was virtually impossible to watch another persons webcam sex show without paying them for the pleasure. Over the years a number of cam sites were set up allowing people to sign up and broadcast their own webcams and charging anyone who wanted to watch the shows. Most of these shows were put on professional models and adult porn stars making extra money on the side, but all that changed with the new wave of free cams sites that didn't rely on the pay per view model, instead they relied on the tipping method. Most early adult webcams were broadcast by paid models.

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The free cams concept exploded creating thousands of free shows

The free cams concept relies on the tipping method to watch the free live cam girls, rather than the more traditional pay per view methods the first cam sites utilized. The way the tipping method works is everyone is free to watch the cam shows for as long as they want, they can interact with the cam models and exchange messages back and forth, the do however do this in a shared chat room with hundreds even thousands of other viewers depending on how popular the cam girl or boy is. This environment allows users to tip the chat show hosts with virtual coins, either the cam host set up certain goals so that when a tip pot reaches a certain level they perform a certain act, or viewers can tip for fun and the bonus of receiving a personal thank you from the cam hosts themselves. The show hosts range in age from 18 year old girls trying to earn some college money broadcasting under the genres of free live teen webcams through to the more mature cam shows put on by bored housewives.

Chaturbate was one of the early adopters of the free cam tipping method.

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Tipping for fun, private show tickets and personal 1 on 1 shows

Although it's great to watch a web cam show completely free and you get to see pretty much everything a cam show girl or couple can do, you do usually have to share the experience with a lot of other people. There is a way of having a more personal one on one experience though, similar to traditional sites by simply tipping greater amounts or maybe buying cam show tickets to a private show with maybe 5 other people. In the one on one shows however you get to have the host all to yourself and you also have the ability to let them watch your own webcam which is one of the best live sex experiences you can probably have, if you've never taken an 18 year old girl to a free teen web cam chat show you don't know what you're missing..

Watching free cams versus the pay per view method

I remember the fist time I came across an adult webcam site, I was faced with hundreds of beautiful girls photos and a button to connect to them live instantly. What I soon realized was a lot of the girls I connected too not only did they not speak good English but their camera video feeds were slow and the audio only worked half the time among a bunch of other issues. I used to find myself clicking in and out of a new girl every few minutes until I found one that I liked which costs me a small fortune. However no with the free cams tipping method I am no longer faced with these problems, I can watch the girls shows for free and see how good their camera feed are, or their audio, I can also see how kinky they are and what sort of things they get up to. If I then like what I see I can simply take them to a private show and know I'm getting exactly what I wanted. The difference between this and the full pay per view cam sites is I don't have the ability to do this on the latter.